Our assortment includes:

  • packaging mats
    for packing fragile ceramic, glass, electronic and electrotechnical products, as well as for furniture, confectionery and food industries
  • laminating films
    (standard, PEEL type, New on the market! New Generation laminating film) used for the production of laminates intended for packaging frozen food (fruits, vegetables, meat, cold cuts, chips) or other food and industrial products
  • packaging film
    (sleeve, sleeve with two overlaps, half-sleeve, tape) intended for various applications in all industries
  • films for frozen products packaging
    (fries, vegetables, fruits, potato products, poultry, ready-to-eat dishes, delicatessen)
  • films for food products packaging
    (mainly loose products (groats, salt, dry pet food, etc.)
  • films for packaging liquid food products
    (milk, cream, buttermilk, sour soup)
  • films for hygienic articles packaging
    (handkerchiefs, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, nappies, paper towels)
  • films for soil, peat and other organic substrates packaging
  • EVA foil (rubber)
    for packaging rubbers for use in the rubber industry and as packaging for synthetic rubber, it is subjected to the rubber production process together with the raw material
  • heat-shrinkable films
    intended for collective packaging of products (beer, juices, beverages, etc.)
  • barrier film with EVOH
    for the production of food products packaging, ensuring a high barrier against oxygen and extending the freshness of packaged products

Advantages of our packaging films:

  • they perfectly protect packaged goods, also the very fragile ones
  • they are produced from optimally selected raw materials, according to specially developed recipes
  • they have excellent optical and aesthetic surface parameters
  • they are characterized by high strength, flexibility and durability

All our packaging films are intended for the food industry
they have recipes compliant with the requirements for products intended for the contact with food.

Flexographic printing:

We offer our customers printing on packaging films in our own flexographic printing house.

We use the technique of flexible printing forms. We have modern printers, thanks to which we obtain vivid colours and high resolution of the print.

We guarantee flexographic printing:

  • resistant to damage, abrasion and dirt of food origin
  • very resistant to high and low temperatures

Standard parameters:

  • 8-colour printer allowing to make up to 800 mm wide and 670 mm long printing
  • 6-colour printer allowing to make up to 1300 mm wide and 1000 mm long printing