The film is designed of an advanced composition of raw materials with increased resistance to mechanical damage. Compared to traditional films, it is more flexible, stronger and comes with anti-fungal properties and UV stabilizer.

Haylage Film
Colour white, green
Durability* 1 year from the date of baling, not longer than 18 months from the date of production given on the label
Width [m] 500 750
Winding [mb] 1800 1500

* Unfold the film within 6 months from the date of production given on the label.

To Customer’s order, it is possible to produce custom sizes of haylage films in any colour. Information available on request.


  • for preparation of silage using baling machines


  • due to its high flexibility, the film perfectly wraps around the bale and effectively protects its content
  • made of an innovative composition of raw materials, it provides high strength, increased resistance to puncture and tear propagation
  • anti-fungal properties
  • it comes with UV stabilizer protecting it against UV radiation, which ensures film durability of up to 1 year from wrapping and high resistance to adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow or frost
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